Foundedin 2017,Broad Investment Securitiesis founded in California, is a US SEC-registered securities firm and hasobtained the US Registered Investment Advisorlicense (RIA),lt is committed to building theworld's top investment advisory platform. We are a financial company centered on customers, based on the Internet, and driven by technology. Committed to deeply integrating technology and finance, providing safe, professional, intelligent, and efficient products and services, allowing customers to enjoy technology and investment. By empowering finance with technology, we integrate quantitative transactions into traditional analysis, provide customers with high-quality investment advisory services, improve investment stability, and achieve global asset allocation.
Through Interactive Brokers, Broad Investment Securities provides clients with securities account opening, order execution, risk control management, asset liquidation and other services.
Interactive Brokers is a well-known Internet brokerage firm in the United States, and its accounts are regulated and protected by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the U.S. Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).
Information disclosure:
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English name:Broad investment securities LLC
Address:2108 N St Ste Csacramento,CA 95811 U.S
3F SihuidaSha.1008-B Huihe Nan Street
Chaoyang District Beijing China 100124
Telephone:+001 636 318 2914
Main services
nvestment advisory services
investment research analysis
stock account opening
quantitative trading
development path
Registered and licensed with the US SEC
Built a quantitative trading system and deepen the
Provided customers with securities account opening
Founded in California, USA
Carried out research and planning for global inves
Opened an office in Beijing, China to carry out in