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The market is risky and needs to be cautious!

Investors engaged in securities investment include but are not limited to the following risks:

1.Macroeconomic risks

Changes in the national macroeconomic situation and the international economic environment may cause fluctuations in the securities marketwhich may lead to losses for you. You will bear the losses caused thereby.

2.Policy Risks

hanges in aws. regulations. and related policies and rules in the securities market may cause price fuctuations in the securities market. whichmay lead to losses for you, and you will be liable for the losses caused thereby.

3.Operating risks oflisted companies

Due to the change of the overall business situation of the industry in which the listed company is located and the factors in the operation andmanagement of the listed company, uch as major mistakes in business decisions, changes of senior management personnel, maior lawsuitsetc., may cause the volatility of the company's securities price The mismanagement of the listed company may even lead to the suspension oftrading, suspension of listing or termination of listing of the company's securities, and you wil be liable for the possible losses arising therefrom

4.Technical Risks

since transaction making. clearing and settlement. market disciosure and bank-securities transfer are realized through electronic communication technology and computer technology, these technologies may be attacked by network hackers and computer viruses, and communicationtechnology, computer technology and related software may have deects, these risks may bring loses to vou or bank-securities transfer fundscannot beimmediately received.

5.Operational risks

Loses may occur due to lost passwords, improper operations, poor investment decisions, etc; Loss caused by malicious operation of otherswhen online entrustment or hotkey operationis not completed: 0nline transactions that do notexitin time may also be subject to hacker attacks,resultingin losses.

6.The risk of particular types of securities

You should carefully decide the securities investment strategy according to your own economic strength, affordability and understanding ofinvestment varieties.When you intend to invest in securities with greater potential risks (such as warrants and other derivatives), you should be especially aware that such securities may contain greater risks

7.Risks caused by force majeure

Force maieure such as earthouake. typhoon. fre. foo. war, plague. social unrest and other actors may lead to the breakdown of the securitiestrading system: The uncontrollable and unpredictable system failure, equipment failure. communication failure and power failure of the securiies company may also ead to abnorma operation or even paralysis of the securities trading sustem. The uncontrolable and unpredictablsystem failures, equipment failures, communication failures, and power failures of securities companies and banks may also lead to the abnormal operation or even breakdown of the bank-securities transfer system. As a result, your transaction authorization cannot be completed or alltransactions cannot he comnlted or the hank-secrities transfer funds cannat he immediataiy rereived Ya wil he iahle for the rasultinolossesandinconvenience.

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